The most sustainable amusementpark in the world

We are incredibly proud of our work with the Goteborg amusement park Liseberg. Its not just a matter of being vendor to best-loved meeting place in Gothenburg and the most longed-for destination in Sweden.

The most inspiring thing is working with skillful employees and managers who shares our vision as for a local and sustainable textile production.




“By 2025, Liseberg aim to be a world leader in sustainable park operations. Based on the five areas that we believe are most important and where we believe we can make the biggest difference, we have set five sustainability goals to help us make wise and sustainable choices for the Liseberg of the future.

Sustainability for Liseberg is about acting responsibly and long-term. We manage and develop the business on the basis that we have Liseberg on loan from future generations.”

TENCEL™ fibers help maintain environmental balance by being integrated into nature´s cycle

SEAQUAL® YARN is a high quality 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing Upcycled Marine Plastic from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE.

Made in Kinna/Kinnahult

The fabric is knitted and colored locally in Sweden

This is what they do:

Sustainability contains many different issues, Liseberg has, through a materiality analysis, identified the areas that are most important for them to work with. What their stakeholders think is important, what impact the business has on people and the environment and the challenges and opportunities this entails for all of us.

The most important sustainability issues:

  • Safe and secure environment
  • Job satisfaction, service and equal treatment
  • Resource and climate efficiency
  • Contribution to local community development
  • Responsible purchasing



Marine litter from beaches, oceans, rivers and estuaries, is collected by clean-up programs. It is then sorted, cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic by SEAQUAL INITIATIVE approved partners.


Together for a clean Ocean

TENCEL™ cellulosic fibers (#WoodPulp) help maintain environmental balance by being integrated into nature´s cycle

The production units: Guimarães - Borås - Kinna

SEAQUAL® YARN – Newlife – Yarnaway

Recycled and Biodegradable Polyester.

Family owned since 1939, LEMAR, a Portuguese semi-vertical weaving company are the producers of sustainable fabrics for  activewear, sportswearbeach and casualwear. Focus is on high performance technical fabrics

Really sustainable products are produced locally . Producing in Borås, the textile capital of Sweden is an honor. With the help of TextilFABRIKEN we can  produce in lower quantities, reducing the risk for overproduction. Local production also has advantages that include reduced emissions and transportation costs.

In Kinna approx. 60 km west of Gothenburg, knitting factories have their roots in the Swedish innovative textile industry.

With experience dating back to the 1920s, we are taking advantage of the level of education, sense of quality and ingenuity, on site, in Sweden. With the results in hand, we can proudly state that we have made the right choice.

Sustainable Trimmings:

  • Microplastic-free Hangers made from “Liquid Wood”
  • Buttons made from Ocean Waste
  • Dissolvable Swing Tags
  • Recycled/Organic QR code Share Labels