Raising awareness of the issue of marine litter –  Working with ocean clean-ups around the world

 Transforming marine litter into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC 

Making the world a better place…

One button at the time


Marine Litter , rescued from the sea soon to be upcycled to yarn


Producing Giveaways and Apparel making a difference for the Ocean and the environment

Pater Noster Edition

Pater Noster have been protecting people against the ocean for more than 100 years

Together with Reparell the  famous resort protects the ocean from people 

#WearOceanWaste – North Pole

Marine Litter , rescued from the sea soon to be upcycled to yarn

ESG – Sustainable message on Sustainable fabrics 

So many people talk about working with sustainability, or even worse that they are a sustainable choice, without understanding that it is about delivering on 17 different goals.

For us its an honor to be asked to provide special production for great people..  


100% Pride

Its´s not just fabrics


Uniforms for Hotels and Service industry

Sustainable Formal wear

Our customers are amongst  the strongest Swedish brands

#WearOceanWaste is just a tiny bit of their sustainable work

Meet our Customers

Caroline Cundall
Reparell UK

P: +44 7879 493 08852
email: caro@reparell.com

Emil Pettersen

Emil Pettersen
Reparell AB Nordics

P: +46 768 00 33 43
email: emil@reparell.se